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Brighter Blooms - Silver Maple Tree, 3-4 ft. - No Shipping to Az, Size: Large

Brighter Blooms - Silver Maple Tree, 3-4 ft. - No Shipping to Az, Size: Large

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A Timeless Maple Youll Love Through the Seasons In search of a versatile and adaptable shade tree with ornamental intrigue Look no further than the Silver Maple. This tree gets its name from its stunning foliage, which is a rich green with an illuminating silver underside and turns a bright golden-yellow in fall. With its steady growth of up to 3 feet per year and reaching up to 80 feet tall, the Silver Maple will provide a shade canopy that expands with each passing year. It also has high soil adaptability and can thrive in damp spots in your landscape where other trees cant. Extremely versatile, the Silver Maple is most commonly found growing near riverbanks and ponds, but it will also do well as a street border or focal planting in dry areas of land. The Silver Maple creates the perfect shady spot for a summertime picnic, or a hammock to catch the fall breeze. The adaptability and durability of the Silver Maple, along with its unique and enchanting foliage, has cemented its place as a popular tree throughout American history. Grab a Silver Maple Tree today, and plant a legacy in your landscape for generations to come! Planting & Care 1. Planting: The Silver Maple can be planted in any soil condition, though it naturally grows in soggy bottomlands. It can tolerate full sun or partial shade (but prefers 4 to 8 hours of sunlight daily). Plant in a hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball. Mulch around the canopy, but not near the trunk, to help the tree maintain moisture. Plant your Silver Maples with some spacing from power lines, structures, sidewalks and sewer lines. 2. Watering: This tree can tolerate wet or dry conditions. Be sure to water the tree weekly in its young life to ensure proper growth. If you live in an area with frequent droughts, you may need to water weekly throughout its life. Pruning: If you live in an area with windy conditions, hurricanes, ice storms, or salty air, youll need to prune your tree in the early spring to prevent limb breakage. Prune the weakest branches, including any dead or diseased branches. | 3-4 ft. - Silver Maple Tree - Timeless Maple Tree Well-Loved Through the Ages See how our 30 Day Happy & Healthy Gaurantee compares to Garden Goods Direct, Lowes. Home Depot, The Tree Center, Nature Hills Nursery, Great Garden Plants, More.

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