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Delta RP90200SP Restoration Wand Assembly in SpotShield Stainless

Delta RP90200SP Restoration Wand Assembly in SpotShield Stainless

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The Wand Assembly - ShieldSpray is made from premium materials, this item offers great function and value for your home. Wand assembly For use with kitchen faucet Key Features & Innovations Sheild Spray Technology Delta ShieldSpray Technology cleans with laser-like precision while containing mess and splatter. A concentrated jet within a protective sphere of water powers away stubborn messes with an average of 90% less splatter than a standard spray, so you can spend less time soaking, scrubbing and shirt swapping. Magnatite Technology Delta MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful integrated magnet to snap your faucet spray wand precisely into place and hold it there so it stays docked when not in use and doesnt droop over time. Select Delta In2ition Two-in-One Shower Heads are equipped with MagnaTite Docking for easy, smooth docking every time. The firm hold of the magnet keeps your hand shower secure, but comes free with a gentle tug to give you complete flexibility. Touch Clean Technology Easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger. Delta shower heads, hand showers and kitchen faucets with Touch-Clean Spray Holes make it easy to wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger. While other faucets may gather unsightly mineral build-up over time, the soft rubber spray holes of touch-clean faucets allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look – with no need for soaking or the aid of chemical cleaners. Spot-Shield Technology Delta SpotShield Technology helps to keep your faucet or shower cleaner, longer by resisting water spots and fingerprints. With the addition of antimicrobial protection of the finish, Spotshield finishes also help to reduce stain and odor causing microbial growth on the faucet finish. Available across a variety of finishes for kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and shower heads. Brilliance Finishes No Tarnishing. No Discoloration. No Worries! Brilliance finishes, designed to not corrode, tarnish or discolor for a like-new look for life, are developed by embedding molecules deep into the faucets surface, creating a bond that is virtually indestructible. This process is known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). Delta was the first manufacturer to offer this patented process that creates a bond thats virtually indestructible with an incredibly reflective shine. Brilliance resists abrasions and discoloration better than traditional special finishes and, in many cases, better than chrome.In independent tests using the harshest drain cleaners, the Delta Brilliance drain retained its appearance, while its competitors did not come close. Tested with over 100 household cleaners, the abrasion resistance of the Brilliance finish can even withstand repeated scouring with steel wool. A Brilliance finish is guaranteed not to corrode, tarnish or discolor for as long as you own your home. It can even withstand prolonged exposure to harsh coastal environments.

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