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Clint Swift Stop

HOMEDANT 359 W x 162 D x 713 H 5-Tier Laminate White Metal Shelving Unit Adjustable Garage Storage Utility Rack Heavy Duty Shelv

HOMEDANT 359 W x 162 D x 713 H 5-Tier Laminate White Metal Shelving Unit Adjustable Garage Storage Utility Rack Heavy Duty Shelv

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[WHITE COLOR WELL-SUITED TO INDOOR ] : Not only does this shelving have strong storage, but it also makes your small space appear wider and larger by using bright white color. Also, you can create a neat interior because the white color goes well with any color in your space. [A VARIETY OF SHELF STYLES ] : As well as an open-style basic shelf, if you want to prevent items from falling off, you can assemble a shelf style with raised edges. Or, if you need to be able to take things in and out easily, you can assemble a shelf style with a mixed format of edges. No matter what your needs are, it is possible to assemble a shelf thats perfect for you. More information can be found in the video above. It is our hope that you will enjoy it and use it as you please. [EASY TO ASSEMBLE ] : Until you met this product, hiring someone to assemble your shelf for you has been probably the best option if youre not the handy type, or if you just dont have the time. It is bolts & nuts free, so you just slide and fix the frame in the post hole by lightly pressing it. Even you can do this with your hands. Assembling takes approximately 10 minutes. [USEFUL TRANSFORMATION ] : It can be used as 2 shorter units as a table, workbench, corner shelf or make tall shelving by stacking them using the post connector. Once it is put together, it can create a great deal of additional storage space without taking up too much space. So It will help you to create and enlarge more additional storage space. This is the best unit for people who need more storage place with efficiency. [HEAVY DUTY & STURDY DURABILITY ] : The unit is made of sturdy and high intense premium steel made from Korea and is easy to store for goods. This unit is built to last and Its maximum load is 264 lb per shelf (evenly distributed), making it perfect for all your heavy-duty storage needs. Ideal for use in the garages, warehouses, basements, shed, kitchen, living room, pantry, closet, bedroom, office, and more. Also, suitable for schools, hospitals, offices and shops, and more that require a lot of shelves. [ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT ] : Each tier can be adjusted up and down by 1.18 inches, so you can easily adjust up or down to accommodate your need and store items of different sizes. Adjustable height is an essential part of any storage system, and it is the perfect choice for creating functional storage space. [THICKER & STRONG BOARD ] : It is made of high-quality 0.36 thick MDF boards from Korea, and it is much denser than others and is therefore much stronger and more durable. So it is less susceptible to warping and cupping, making it an ideal choice for heavy duty. [CLEAN FINISHING TOUCHES, RUST & SCRATCH PROOF ] : For smooth finishing, the surface is covered with premium powder coating very thick without toxic six heavy metals. Sixteen post-caps (sufficient quantity for separating into 2-modules to use) are included for your floor from being scratched. [PROVIDE ASSEMBLE VIDEO AND PDF FILE ] : Provides assembly manual & videos to help you understand easier. You can see the assembly video at the top images or download the Installation Manual in Product guides and documents at the bottom of the product description.

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