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The Hoff Collection Pot Rosa / 11.8

The Hoff Collection Pot Rosa / 11.8

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Searching for a design-forward terracotta pot for your succulents or cacti (or any plant that prefers dry soil) The Hoff Planter by Bergs Potter would be perfect for showing them off with its simple and refreshing silhouette. Designed by Danish graphical designer Anne Hoff and crafted from the finest Italian clay in a small Tuscan village, this long-lasting pot will look beautiful no matter where you place it — on your windowsill, desktop, or outside on the balcony — and it will look even better with age. Pair with a glazed Hoff Saucer for a playful touch that perfectly reflects your style. This pot is frost resistant and has a drainage hole to keep your plant healthy. Hoff saucers are sold separately.

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